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Finally, easy-to-follow type-specific diet and workout templates.  All the insight and resources of working with a professional trainer, without the cost.

These same strategies and programs I’ve personally used with clients for over 15 years to produce amazing transformations and fat loss as well as professional athletes, now in easy-to-follow, common, relatable templates.  

There is too much information out there.  Too many options.  Too many “Quick Fix” solutions.  The Fitness Industry is littered with shallow, quick fads and gimmicks that are, in the end, just after your money, taking advantage of your desperation and need.  It’s sickening and immoral to take advantage of people.  It’s not your fault, you just want your efforts and time to be worth it, you want something reasonable without all the guess work.  

These templates provide you with the road map to your individual situation and how to navigate working out and eating.  You are not alone, these templates were designed from over a decade of the most common problems and issues.  You will have convenience and freedom of choice while still being “told what to do” and not left hanging, the best of both worlds.  

What's The Secret To Shredding Weight And Feeling Great?

It's simple... there is no secret.

Practice discipline in your diet and workout schedule and you'll see results.

Following the right diet and training regimen will catapult your fat loss and keep you in a fat-burning state all day long.

In our comprehensive Diet & Work Templates you'll discover:

  1. How to unlock untapped energy throughout the day and avoid feeling burnt out
  2. The secret to shedding body fat by keeping your body in a fat-burning state
  3. The exact workouts to follow for increasing your strength and shredding fat
  4. How to accelerate your progress by reinforcing your mental strength
  5. How to worry less about what to eat all the time and get your free time back

...and much more.

You don’t have time to go to some gym.  Your day is packed full of anything and everything tasks and a seemingly never ending to-do list, but first and foremost taking care of, watching and raising your little one(s) is number one.  You are always exhausted and the thought of expending valuable energy you don’t even have towards a workout isn’t that appealing.  You want to regain your pre-pregnancy weight and better, you want to be reach your all-time best shape ever.  You need a quick option, something you can do at home in the window of time your little one is napping.

►►► “I don’t have a 9-5.  I have a ‘when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes.’”

Your time is very limited, you work long hours and have many important obligations.  You need a quick workout solution that can fit into your busy schedule, because otherwise you won’t get it in.  You often miss meals or eat out, so you need quick food options.  You get stuff done, you work very hard, but you would still love to have more energy, as well as strength while shedding some body fat.

►►► Workout, meditate, read, office work… whatever needs to be done.  Set the day off and don’t let anything get in the way.  

There is so much information out there it’s ridiculous.  It’s hard to know what to do or even where to begin.  Going into a gym is intimidating, uncomfortable and most times just unrealistic.  You have never really worked out before, but you know you need to.  You are unsure about the exercises, the reps, how to do any of it but you want to start, you want to learn the basics and establish a foundation, a solid routine with good habits.  You would love to have more energy, as well as strength while shedding some body fat.

►►►   Block out your workout time and stick to it.  

You know the key to health and happiness is staying active.  You are not as fast or strong or lean as you used to be, and you are not the student athlete you once were but you can still work out and run circles around kids almost half your age.  You might have to modify certain exercises and accommodate for certain joint pain but your experience and instincts play heavily in your favor.  You would still love to increase your energy, as well as strength while shedding some stubborn body fat, and you will.   

►►► Wake up early before anyone else to start your day.  

You need a program and routine that is going to enhance your abilities and attributes for your sport.  Strength.  Speed.  Power.  You are a serious athlete.  You need compound, multi-joint exercises.  You also need snacking options to keep you going, fueled all-day through school, practices and games.       

►►► “Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't.”

You want to be the best.  You don’t have any trouble with motivation or dedication to your craft.  You want to perform your absolute best week in and week out, preparing for that next fight.  You want a streamlined approach that maximizes your efforts, energy and skills.  You train very hard so you need a Diet that focuses on recovery to get you to your next training session, healthy and energized.  Weight is also an issue in fighting, so you need to keep your body fat low while optimizing endurance, strength and power.  You have big goals.  You are a Warrior on the path.     

►►► “Wake up Determined, go to bed Satisfied”     

The key is specificity.  It works by using one of these six most common “types” of people.   So...Which one are you? 

Here's what you get:

  1. 60 Day Easy-to-Follow Program Template
  2. Training Calender
  3. Exercise Breakdown sheet shows every important "must-do" exercise in video format
  4. Detailed Example Meal Plan with the very simple, Quick Macronutrient Intake Calculator
  5. The Grocery List
  6. 2 Key Recipes
  7. Progress or Performance Acceleration Tips

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