Travis Conley, Founder of UNGD.tvNutrition & Fitness Expert.  Trainer.  Motivator.   Entrepreneur.  Champion.  Journeyman.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter.  Artist.  Writer.  Consultant.  Former Professional Wrestler.

Growing up with two older brothers and into a strong unknown school lineage of wrestling success of the small southern Kansas City suburb, Spring Hill, the foundations were set for Travis Conley.  He was a 2x state qualifier and part of the first and only 4A team in history to win the illustrious Johnson County Classic...twice.  Earning a full-ride scholarship and a very special invitation from the 8x World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race, Travis began a career in professional wrestling under the legend’s tutelage.  He was the fastest ever to complete the world renowned academy and also became a World 
tag-team champion in that short time. 

It was late in 2005 that he found and started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Recovering from severe shoulder reconstructive surgery...(read more)