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From: Travis Conley
Director of Client Services
Underground Gym, LLC

What's The Secret To Weightloss?

There is no secrect.

It's simple... discipline in diet and nutrition.

The right diet will catapult your fat loss and keep you in a fat-burning state all day long.

If you fail to feed your body the fuel it needs to keep your metabolism in an elevated state, all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your training will be futile.

So Why Do 95% Of People Fail?

Most people know the importance of eating a clean diet...

...but they fail to follow through and stick to it.

With a packed schedule juggling work, kids, travel and time commitments, your diet takes a back seat.

It feels like there's zero time to grab a healthy meal when you're always on-the-go so we settle for packaged foods that are easily available and portable.

After a few slip-ups, this pattern reinforces itself and we fall into a downward cycle of bad eating choices.

It affects our mood and attitude, our energy levels, our relationshps and overall quality of life.  

But It's Not Completely Your Fault

Today's society is moving at a break-neck pace with no sign of slowing down.

Everything is convenience-driven and we've been conditioned to get everything on-demand...

Our TV shows, our books, our information, and yes... even our food.

It takes extreme preparation and willpower to overcome the impulse to grab those sugar-packed granola bars that are sitting on the shelf waiting for us.

We know it's not the optimal choice but we do it any way.

The Only Way To Avoid The Trap

Stop testing your willpower and avoid tempation altogether.

Have meals and snacks prepared in advance and throw out all the junk in your kitchen so even when your willpower fails you...

...the only options you'll have in front of you are healthy ones.

I can hear you saying "But Travis, I've tried prepping my meals before and it takes FOREVER!"

I hear you and I completely understand.

It used to take me hours just trying to figure out which healthy options to buy at the grocery store... nevermind the time it took to cook and clean up.

Fast & Healthy 56 Recipes Made Easy: Every Recipe For Every Meal And Everybody

But after 15 years of trial and error, I've developed a fast and simple method to get dishes prepared in just minutes the night before.

It will free up your time and eliminate your worries about what and how to cook or eat.

This packed Recipe Cookbook provides easy-to-follow recipes with simple ingredients you can find anywhere.  

Not only is it fast and easy, they are delicious and nutritious, putting you back in touch with foods natural intentions and flavors for energy and sustainability.  

In the Recipe Book you'll discover:

  1. How to unlock untapped energy throughout the day and avoid feeling burnt out
  2. The secret to shedding body fat by keeping your body in a fat-burning state
  3. The food groups that are key to building muscle and increasing your strength
  4. How to gain confidence with yourself and providing for your family
  5. How to worry less about what to eat all the time and get your free time back

...and much more.

No Thinking Required, Just Add Effort

All that's required of you is the upfront investment to read the guidelines and the discipline to make it a part of your weekly routine.

If you follow what I've outlined you'll have more free time, clarity and energy.

You'll be in a better mood, feel stronger, leaner, happier and healthier.

And best of all the confidence and knowledge to provide for yourself and your loved ones so they can lead a healthly lifestyle too.

What Could You Do With An Extra 7 Hours A Week?

The average user of this book frees up on average an hour per day (that’s gaining 7 extra hours a week)...

...and the mental space freed up by not having to constantly think about what your next meal is going to be.

Plus this guide is a one-stop shop...

All the meals I've formulated are quick, easy, tasty AND healthy.

No elaborate recipes. No tasteless cardboard food. Just fast and flavorful original eats!

No BS, Just Simple Meals Anyone Can Prepare

That's why I titled the book "Every Recipe For Every Meal And Everybody".

If you are tired and frustrated of having to come up with meal ideas or overwhelmed with what to eat all the time...

...never knowing if you are making the right decision then this cookbook will work for you just like the hundreds before you.

In the Recipe Book you'll get access to:

  1. All 56 healthy-made easy recipes
  2. Specific list of ingredients and easy-to-follow directions with photos
  3. Cooking and prep times so you can plan them into your busy schedule
  4. A "Map Key" of basic symbols which make it easy to tell which recipes are low fat, vegan, high protein, gluten free, etc.
  5. Laminated sheets you can use in the kitchen without worrying about spills or accidents (hardcopy version)

PLUS I’ll include the 5 Pillars of Proper Nutrition as a bonus with purchase of the book.

This shows you the proven science and habits behind eating and maintaining a clean diet.

Also included in the book are three sections from my comprehensive Grocery List that are critical to include in your weekly shopping routine.

Special Price For My Subscribers

Up until now, I’ve only offered these recipes to my clients who I personallyh train one-on-one at Underground Gym.  
And if you were to hire a nutritionist, they'd charge you over $100 each session to give you the same guidelines I outline in this guide.
I wanted to make this infomation available to everyone... even those who can't afford hiring professional help.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this Recipe Book to my loyal subscibers for just $12.99.

My 7 Day, Money Back Guarantee

And just to be sure you’re 100% comfortable with your purchase...

I’ve structured it so that you if you don't feel an immediate impact on your daily energy after the first week, you don’t pay a penny.

Try it for a week and if you aren't satisfied for whatever reason, I'll refund your money no questions asked.

So if you are tired and frustrated of having to come up with meal ideas or overwhelmed with what to eat all the time...

...never knowing if you are making the right decision then this Recipe Book will work for you just like the hundreds before you.

Regular Price $47, Today $12.99

I'm looking forward to hearing about your transformation and hopefully meet you in one of my other programs soon.

In Strength & Health,
Travis Conley, Founder Underground Gym

My Story

I am the Director of Client Services for and an expert fitness professional. Not because some fancy degree or certification says so, or because I created some fitness-craze flash-in-the-pan fad...

...but because in fifteen years in the field I’ve made mistakes, had obstacles, but all the while my unmatched hard work and passion continually puts me in the forefront as a top choice for those fit-aspiring minds.  

One of my first mistakes in fact, ended up almost costing me my life.

And happened to be the trigger towards becoming a personal trainer...  

It was when I was seventeen years old, missing weight going into the final day of the Regional Wrestling State Qualifying Tournament!  

I was heavy all year, and as a growing kid shouldn’t have been in that weight class to begin with, plus we didn’t know any better, we “cut weight” the absolute worst way possible.  

I had six hours to lose six pounds, so after wearing twenty different layers of sweat suits, jumping around stumbling, falling over, dry heaving and even blacking out and getting picked up over and over by my teammat.

And even at the end, getting chunks of my hair cut out with scissors by my coach, in a foggy semi-conscious daze, I missed weight by 1/10 of a pound.  

What?! 0.1?  

I would find out a short time later that due to dehydration, possible organ failure and near heat stroke I could have very well died. I made a vow, never again would I make that mistake. In fact, I would go the other way.  

I would educate myself and use that knowledge to keep others from doing the same, help others, and then some.  

“Then some” came in the form of personally helping over 3,000 clients gain control of their health, fitness and lives.  Since 2006 I have helped shed collectively an estimated 7,000+lbs!  

Everything I’ve done with all these clients and experience I’ve put into a system and developed my own Online Personal Training and Coaching to expand my reach, helping even more people out there!