"Travis is a natural born leader. He is one of the most determined, dedicated, passionate, and professional people I have had the pleasure of getting help from. Travis truly practices what he preaches. He does not provide a quick fix to health and fitness, he provides you with the knowledge to make a lifestyle. Travis's reputation speaks for itself. He is respected by everyone he comes in contact with and it is well deserved. I would highly recommend Travis to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change to improving their life. Thank you Travis for all you have done for me."  - Michael Beyer, Senior Consultant, Equifax.  Atlanta, GA

"Travis possess the rare ability to recognize ability. It's one thing to have ability as a Leader and an innate bonus to be able to recognize ability in others! This is why he excels in business relationships, client services, and developing loyalty. His continual education makes him priceless in the industry. He never fails to inspire me with his accomplishments. His commitment to excellent standards - refreshing."  - Sherry Derossett, Health & Fitness Consultant, CNC, CPT.  Seattle, WA

"Underground is a much more focused approach.  There is no one around to bother or distract me, so there’s no embarrassment or uncomfortable feelings you get at public gyms.  Travis showed me what works for my body and goals..  He really watches my form and listens to me on how I want to look and the goals I want to achieve. I’ve learned new techniques, gained more focus, and learned how to eat better and maintain it.  I’m very happy about the way I look and more importantly I have improved self esteem.  I’m able to fit in pants I’ve never been able to fit into.  I feel I now have the tools to go about my life healthy and happily. Personal training at Underground helps you achieve your ultimate goals. We all have busy lives and it helps keep you on track and focused.  Travis is great at pushing me, encouraging me to work hard and giving me praise when I need it. He’s always been very professional and a great cheerleader and motivator!"   - Shelaine Acree, Client Relationship Executive, 3M Health Information System, Inc.  Kansas City, MO

"I first met Travis Conley over a year ago while he was working on a class project for school.  Travis contacted me from Kansas because he wanted to learn more about the Professional Wrestling business and what all it detailed.  While meeting with him I was genuinely impressed with how much background information he had researched on myself, and the questions that he presented to me while he was here.
While Travis was here for the school project, he wanted to receive some hands on training in Amateur wrestling and to some degree, professional wrestling.  He went on to spend the better part of two hours in the ring with my head trainer, while I observed with his father.  Not only was I tremendously impressed with his work ethic and his attention to detail, but also my head trainer raved about his technique and desire to be so successful.  
Since the initial time that Travis and I have spent together, he and I have been in contact continuously as he often calls or emails me when he is looking for advise or when he is proud of his accomplishments.  I have grown very close to this young man and want only the best for him in all of his years.  He is a very intelligent young man that works very hard not only for himself but his friends and community.  He was very instrumental in holding a fundraiser for this wrestling team in conjunction with our organization.  While working on the fundraiser, he amazed even myself as he went above and beyond the call of duty to make it as successful as possible.  There are not many people that I have come across throughout my career that are as driven as this young man, and I know in my heart that Travis Conley will be successful at what ever endeavors he chooses in his lifetime."  - Harley Race, 8 Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, CEO World League Wrestling, Inc.  Eldon, MO

"Underground is great, I learned that as the trainee I had a role as well. I had to commit to being at the gym at my scheduled time, to be disciplined about my diet, to get plenty of rest and to come prepared! I felt much better about my physical well being and the results that I was getting.  I have also learned a lot about how to exercise and lifting weights the right way so that I can continue on with my training after the Underground program ended. I’m happy with what I have learned and where I am now. I plan to go back to Underground from time to time to keep me on track.  The difference between my previous fitness experience and now with Underground is that there is much more focus on technique, diet and overall discipline to help me meet my fitness goals. I feel less rushed and that my program is more customized to my specific needs. I also like and need to have someone push me a bit to get to the next level fitness-wise.  Travis impressed me as someone who knows his craft well. I found out that he is a diverse sportsman who also trains in martial arts. Travis is a great personal trainer. He is personable, cares about the goals of the people he trains and he knows how to push you to the next level to help you reach your goals. He knows that your success is his success.  I’ve known Travis for several years and consider him a friend as well as my trainer and he is someone I would recommend if you’re looking for results and are willing to put in some work, he’s the man for the job!"  - Kevin Cullen, Director, Learning & Development at Sprint.  Kansas City, MO

"I have lost 20-25 pounds.  It was extremely difficult at first, but after a few weeks of training I had much more energy, I could walk up stairs without huffing and puffing and could see an overall difference in my legs and arms!   If you stick with a program and eat healthier, you will succeed.  I worked with Travis just a short time at Underground.  I personally think Travis is a very good trainer; he is a great businessman as he knows what he wants in life and is willing to work hard to achieve his goals.  I wish the younger generation were as focused and hard working as Travis is."  - Patty Cordes, Account Executive.  Kansas City, MO

"I have had the opportunity to train with Travis specifically in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the last couple of years.  Travis is respectful, cordial, and a well spring of knowledge.  He's always very willing to share his experience and techniques to assist his training partners.  He is a great representative for the art.  Clearly in casual conversation, Travis exudes the healthy lifestyle in word and deed that he himself offers to others.  He is in great shape and is a disciplined and successful athlete.  I would definitely recommend Travis as a personal trainer, training partner, and/or as a business associate." - Jesse Hernandez, Dustin "Clean" Denes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Judo Black Belt, Former Amateur Boxer.  Liberty, MO

"Travis Conley is an animal.  Driven, disciplined, and willing to put what he knows on the line.  I have had the pleasure of watching him develop on the mat and in life, from student to training partner, as an integral member of our team.  Always willing to share in his expertise on fitness and nutrition, he has helped many of our guys improve upon themselves in direct and honest terms.  Ask anyone in the gym, and they will tell you, Travis is a tough competitor and an invaluable teammate."  - Jason Bircher, Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association Black Belt, KCBJJ Head Instructor.  Mission, KS

"Travis is an excellent grappler and coach.  His dedication to his clients is second to none.  Training with Travis not only improved my skill, but also my physical condition.  Travis pushed me to be better at the sport and in physical fitness as well.  If you dedicate the time and effort to better yourself at Underground Travis will make sure you accomplish your goals."  - Jake Gross, Hostage Negotiator, Grandview PD.  Grandview, MO

"Travis has helped me in so many different ways since attending his gym.  Most notably, under his guidance he has helped me lose over 80lbs. More importantly, he established my personal confidence.  Before I started attending Underground Gym, I was 300lbs. and badly out of shape.  I could not climb a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch my breath.  Many prior attempts to lose weight through various diets or gym memberships have never succeeded because of my confidence issue, motivational problems, and outside moral support. Thanks to Travis I've became an overall better individual and I'm closer to my eventual goal of stepping foot into a professional wrestling ring. A goal I've had for many years now, but been unable to attempt because of my prior physical condition.  Travis Conley's Underground Gym has been an excellent resource that has changed my overall outlook on living.  I know now that it is within my grasp to live a happy, healthy life."  - JC Bailey, Help Desk Technician, Waddell & Reed.  Shawnee, KS

"Prior to Underground, I never really worked out.  I stayed active with sports and stuff, but never exercised.  Every now and then, I would try to do push-ups or sit-ups but never stuck with it.  Since working out at the Underground, I finally know how to put together a workout.  Before then, I had NO clue what to do, but I feel confident now that my workouts are making a difference, I am doing it the right way, and I'm definitely adding significant muscle mass.  I now have more ambitious goals that can further my routines.  Before Underground, I was lost. I wanted to start somewhere but had no idea which way to go.  Since Underground I feel that I have more control over my body.  As a newcomer to exercise, I can honestly say that the decision to go to Underground was the right one. I thought it would be too overwhelming to do, but found out quickly Underground is on YOUR side. If you want to test your limits and ability, this is perfect.  I met Travis in school and really got acquainted with him after. He is an outstanding motivator that can bring out the best in his clients, and personally, he’s a great friend.  I strongly recommend Underground as a training facility and Travis as a personal trainer."  - Alex Pierron.  Spring Hill, KS

"I have always tried to stay healthy by exercising and eating right.  It was harder after my second child to get back to the size I wanted.  Travis helped me with tips and workout techniques to help me reach my goals.  I later wanted to try my hand at competing in natural bodybuilding and needed a lot of help.  Travis was not only able to train me and help me with my meal planning, but he was able to help me conquer the hurdles that come with that long road to the stage.  He helped me stay focused on my goals and give me words of motivation when I needed it.  I have known Travis for several years now.  He is a great trainer and nutritional consultant, and a good friend.  Travis would be able to help you realize your goals and give you the tools to maintain a new fit and healthy lifestyle."  - Jennifer Wolff, 3x Southern States Tall Open, Class Champion (06', 07', 08'), Submasters Champion (07', 08'), 2x Missouri Physique Champion (07', 08').  Lake Winnebago, MO

"Travis treats each of his clients as individuals and has a set program for each person.  This shows that he has much pride and respect for his profession.  This has allowed for great success in achieving my goals.  I have always found Mr. Conley to be hard working and of exceptional character.  His success as a personal trainer has made him very popular and his services have been requested by many others.  His business plan, mind set and his experience as a trainer has made him very successful." - Saladin Cooper, MD, Truman Medical Center Lakewood.  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"It was clear early on that Travis knows his profession.  I had several trainers over the course of a year and Travis was the trainer who got the most and the best results out of me.  His knowledge of correct form and technique, combined with realistic expectations of his client’s ability, results in healthy, toned and strong clients.  His steadfast encouragement and ability to make every work out interesting and challenging put his skills in high demand.  I had no idea that I could achieve the definition and strength that I did - with Travis’ help.  On a personal note, I have the highest regard for Travis.  On many occasions he has shown that he is a man of strong moral character. His youth belies his maturity.  Our appointments always began promptly with a smile on his face and that positive “can do” attitude.  It was always a pleasure to work with Travis."  - Tina Alewel, Summit Technical Solutions.  Lees Summit, MO

LC Davis
 Professional MMA fighter:  WEC, IFL, Affliction, Sengoku, Victory, Titan, Bellator.

Bill Kazmier 
3x World's Strongest Man, World Record Holder, ESPN Commentator.

Mac Lethal
Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Author, Radio & TV Personality, BJJ Practitioner.

Jason High 
Professional MMA fighter: UFC, Strikeforce, Dream, K-1, Victory, Affliction, Titan.  Div. I Collegiate Wrestler UNL.  BJJ Purple Belt, IBJJF Blue Belt World Champion.    

Renato Tavares
5th Degree Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.  3x Pan American Champion, IBJJF 
Masters World Champion, Brazilian National Champion, FILA World Champion, No-Gi World Champion, NAGA Champion.  Professional MMA Fighter: Deep, AFC.

Leonardo Pecanha
Nova União BJJ Black Belt,
 3x World CBJJ Champion.  Professional MMA fighter: Titan, Victory, Shooto Brasil.

Dallas Browning
 Professional MMA fighter: Shark Fights, KCFA.  Judoka.

Dusty Spaulding
4x KS state wrestling champion, National champion, Professional MMA fighter:  BlacKOut, KCFA, King of the Cage Midwest.

Henry Chionuma
 Professional MMA fighter: Titan.  BJJ Purple Belt.

Jason Witt
Professional MMA fighter:  Titan, Centurion, Shamrock.  BJJ Blue Belt.    

Jesus Adame
Amateur Boxer:  Ringside, Silver and Golden Gloves, Junior Olympics.  Over 200 bouts by age 16.  Professional MMA fighter:  Titan, RFA, BlacKOut